BARON (Operation Flankorage)
BARON by mistermech
BARON as he is travelling with Ocher
~ DAfavicon mistermech
Full Name Black Apple Robotic Operative Model N
Race Parasitic Robot, currently Earth Pony
Sex NA
Faction/Role Ocher Bullion
Family NA

BARON is a robotic creature whose nature and origin are as of yet unknown. It rescued Ocher and this party from the zebra tunnels near Flankorage. Afterward Ocher did a job for it, BARON traveled the area around Flankorage, a city north of Canterlot, with Ocher and his friends. It is a main character in the Fallout: Equestria - Operation Flankorage.


BARON is robotic creature which has been in active around Flankorage for the last 150 years, although BARON itself claims it is 237 years old, meaning it was probably alive in the pre-war era. The true BARON consists solely of the helm, But it seems to either need or prefer a host, the helm forcibly taking the body of the last pony that killed it..


Whether it has it's own personality or if it takes on aspects of its host's personality is unclear. However, BARON has displayed very pony like mannerisms in the past, like laughing at jokes and wise-cracks. However the majority of the time it has acted with a somber disposition.


Due to his nature, the only thing constant about BARON is his helmet. However, currently he is a red earth pony with a blonde mane.


Medicine: It is prolific is the field of medicine, having pulled Ocher from the brink of death after his encounter with Xenophon. Just how he knows this is uncertain.


BARON Helm - The helm which all the previous Barons have worn.






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