War Machine

War Machine, wearing an autocannon on his left and a minigun and missile launcher on his right.
~ DAfavicon Kalemon

Autocannons are some of the most powerful heavy weapons, developed and deployed by the Equestrian military. Though Autocannons do not appear in the main Fallout: Equestria, they do make appearances in other stories.


Autocannons are exceedingly powerful weapons that fire massive rounds that can easily rip through most forms of heavy armor. The downside is their massive weight and recoil that require the use of Power Armor to be used effectively by ponies, griffins etc. 

They are rare weapons, even by the standards of the wasteland and are often used by powerful, well armed factions such as the Steel Rangers.


The Last SentinelEdit

The Dead Boys make use of heavy autocannons, though they can only be wielded by their most heavily armored troopers. 


In Outlaw, the Buckston Steel Rangers make use of autocannons, though they are mainly possessed by the defector faction of the rangers.

Notable Autocannon UsersEdit

War Machine - The Earth pony Elder of the defector Steel Rangers makes use of a twenty millimetre autocannon, along with other heavy weaponry.

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