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The Fallout Equestria Audiobook Project is a project set up by Scorch_Mechanic, with the blessing of Kkat. He is narrating every chapter of Fallout Equestria for a free audiobook that anyone can listen to on a media player.

Chapters are published on Youtube and the official Fallout: Equestria blog post on Equestria Daily. So far Scorch_Mechanic has recorded 22 chapters of the existing 45. In addition, he narrated and released the Epilogue simultaneously with the text release of the same, in order to uphold the tradition of all Fallout epilogues being narrated. He has also narrated and released chapter 20.5, a canon expansion on the bedroom scene in chapter 20.

Scorch_Mechanic does nearly all of the voices in the project except for the voice of Steel Hooves, who is voiced by guest star Atticus. He currently has plans to expand the number of guest voices present in the audiobook.

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