Atom Smasher
Atom Smasher
Atom Smasher posing. By
~ DAfavicon CaptainHoers
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Status Alive

Atom Smasher is a stable-born pegasus mare, and the protagonist of Fallout: Equestria - Duck and Cover!



Atom Smasher was born in Stable 512, which was never finished, meaning it lacked many facilities and was missing technology, like PipBucks due to how rushed and incomplete it was. Atom grew up in the stable and had a knack for causing trouble and aggravating her fellow stable dwellers. She would often use her prized, toy Nerf gun to annoy the other ponies or cause small explosions using firecrackers she found. 

Present DayEdit

Atom eventually finds the exit to her stable, whilst exploring and decides to leave. She takes her only jumpsuit, her Nerf gun and a piece of junk made to look like a PipBuck. She runs into a group of ponies heading for a nearby settlement, after she fires her toy nerf gun at them. Annoyed, they offer to take her to the settlement and give her some unique darts, specifically designed to fit into her nerf gun, she agrees and her journey into the wasteland begins.



Atom Smasher is a thrillseeker, who enjoys causing explosions and general mayhem. She lacks any sense of morality or right and wrong, but knows of them and is sometimes confused when she can't feel, what she is expected to feel. She often comes up with straightforward and dangerous plans and seems to have a greater degree of common sense, than the majority of Wastelanders in her region. She is also quite rude when talking as well.


Atom is a young Pegasus Mare with a bright orange coat and a green mane and green eyes. Her cutie mark is an atom. She wears a damaged stable-tec suit with pieces of raider armor attached to it and a piece of scrap with a sticker, designed to look like a PipBuck. 


Atom's special talent is causing explosions, she is exceptionally skilled with her Nerf gun, able to make, pinpoint shots with the foam dart shooting toy, due to years of practice. She can also fly, but is a weak flyer, due to growing up in a stable and not having much of an opportunity to use her wings. She has shown skill in using stealth and disguises too, having infiltrated an Enclave Thunderhead and a band of raiders.


Atom uses her Nerf Gun as her primary weapon, The gun is simply a toy on its own, but with the enchanted, explosive darts, it is a much more deadly weapon. She wears a fake PipBuck around her right foreleg, shutter shade glasses and a stable jumpsuit with raider armor pieces attached.

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