Artemis Sorrow
Artemis post Chapter 19
Race Griffon
Sex Female
Faction/Role Dreadsaw Legion (Dissolute), Triple A (President & Founder), NCR Ranger (Honorary)
Family Priscilla (mother), Maric (father/estranged), Valiance (half brother), Verity Preensdale (boyfriend)
Status Status
Listen, ma'am, I don't travel the wasteland looking for trouble. If it comes nears my caravans I'll shoot it, but if it leaves me alone I'm more than happy to oblige it.

Artemis is the primary protagonist of Fallout Equestria and The Number Station


 Artemis Arrow is a young headstrong but backward griffon. She is most notably a caravan guard and her weapon of choice is her trusty famas. She is the president and sole member of Artemis Arrow & Associates (or Triple A), her merc gang that only appears to consist of her. She remains hopeful that her business will get off the ground one day but for now she is content to her life as a hired gun, for now...


  • In later chapters it is revealed that Arrow is not Artemis's last name. Her real surname is Tau, making her Artemis Tau which is a star cluster in the Mass Effect series.
  • The story of Artemis's birth is similar to that of Moses.
  • She sometimes refers to her famas as her "baby".
  • Artemis might have a possible painkiller addiction but strangely it is never confronted.
  • Artemis is the greek goddess of the hunt.
  • There is also a Brotherhood of Steel Knight named Artemis in Fallout 3. 

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