Don't do this Artemis. You're supposed to hate me for selling you out not forgive me!
– Aroma, Chapter 21

Aroma is a stable pony from Stable GoE-EoHS (shortened to Stable G) and is a major character in Fallout Equestria and The Number Station

Aroma - good
Race Cyber-/Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable G
The Game
Family Parents (unnamed)
Stellar (possible marefriend)
Status Alive


Not much is known about Aroma's life in Stable G other than that she was a engineer (hence her gears cutie mark) and was relatively unpopular with the stable populace. 

She was forced to leave Stable G when her best friend (and possibly romantic friend) Stellar was elected to be a candidate in the stable's game that it had been performing ever since it closed when the bombs fell. Aroma volunteered for her friend and due to her bad reputation in the stable she was elected without much contest. Aroma was then forced to leave Stable G to find five companions and bring them back to the stable before she is killed by the hunters that chase her. Aroma found Artemis after barely escaping the Overmare's son Ellis. They met at the San Palomino Mall and have been good friends ever since. 

Aroma would blow out her eardrums when she was stuck in a ventilation shaft at an abandoned gas station they took shelter from a sandstorm in. A ghoul pony was gnawing at her hindlegs and with no other options she shot the ghoul with Hayseed's BFR. The resulting bang from the gun echoed and magnified inside the vent which blew Aroma's eardrums to uselessness making her effectively deaf. She would remain deaf until she recieved a cybernetic ocular implant in Clopton thanks to Serendipity and the Followers. 

At the present she continues to adventure with Artemis and company as they venture across the lands on the tail of the number station.


  • It is most likely Aroma smells good.
  • The Game from Stable G is a kin to the election game in Vault 11 on Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Aroma is the only party member in FoE# with cybernetics (excluding Alpha).

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