Arc Light
Arc Light
Seeking for the truth
Full Name Arc Light
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Scootaloo's Party
Family Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Status Alive
"Let me go! Its all her fault, everything that happened to Stable 66 is her fault!"
– Arc Light
Arc Light is a Stable Dweller pony that appears in Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt as a companion to Scootaloo.

History Edit

Stable 66 Edit

Arc Light was born in Stable 66, a Stable constructed to be more cramped and have the families double up in the living quarters.

Growing up her best friend and roommate was a pony named Caramel Corn who she had known since they were born. When Arc was just a filly her father was killed in an accident.

By the time she was fully grown, the situation in Stable 66 was just getting worse with the death of the old Overmare and Arc's mother. As the Stable fell into chaos, Caramel Corn escaped the Stable and not long after Arc Light followed her out into the ruins of Manehattan.

Scootaloo Edit

When she reached Tenpony Tower in order to try and get answers about what happened to Caramel Corn, she found Scootaloo in the tower. After a brief fight, the two are split up and thrown into jail.

Scootaloo later arranged for Arc Light's release after talking with Homage and Xiraia. Its at this point that she tells Scootaloo about Caramel Corn and she is informed that Scootaloo had found the caravan that Caramel was traveling with, but she was missing after an attack on it by the Grand Pegasus Enclave. Despite her unease about Scootaloo, Arc Light agreed to accompany her to Neigh Orleans in order to try and find any information on what happened to Caramel.

In Neigh Orleans they meet up with Ruby Starlight and Bluesky in a settlement called the Quarter. They are then directed to meet with a pony named Shimmering Skies in a nearby settlement. Shimmering Skies admits that she doesn't know anything about what's going on with the Enclave recently.

They receive a radio transmission from DJ Pon3 saying that another Enclave General has attacked the city of New Pegasus (Hidden Legacy) and they start heading that way.

Personality Edit

Arc Light is a smart and compassionate pony, while she has had her issues with Scootaloo during the fic because of her running Stable-Tec,she is trying to help her as best she can.

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