Applewood is a northern district of the greater Los Pegasus metropolitan area in Fallout: Equestria - Fertile Ground.



Applewood was famous for being the entertainment capital of Equestria.  More movies were filmed here than all the other cities of Equestria combined.

During the WarEdit

When the Ministry of Image opened a hub in Applewood it became a factory for subtle and not-so-sublte, anti-zebra propaganda films.  

The Last DayEdit

Unlike the rest of the Los Pegasus area, Applewood was not a priority target and its buildings were spared the brunt of the balefire blast.

After the WarEdit

Survivors of the last day took up residence in the buildings of Applewood and became its ghoulish denizens.  It is not unusual to see ghouls walking the strip, feral and otherwise.  For years the Feral ghouls and massive bloodwing population kept the average pony away, leaving Applewood accessible to only the most adventurous scavengers.

Recently, due to desires of the Steel Rangers, BP-16, Crazy 8's and the population boom in Celestia's Acre, expansion into Applewood is not only inevitable, but violent.

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