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"Applejack" Is a canonical character to the show. See Applejack for more details.
Char - Applejack (CSImadmax)
Applejack as a newly-inducted Ministry Mare.
~ DAfavicon CSImadmax
Race Earth pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Ministry of Wartime Technology, Director

Stable Two, Apple bucker / Cook(c.28)

Family Apple Bloom (sister)

Applesnack (coltfriend)

Littlepip and Velvet Remedy (distant granddaughters)(c.28)

Status Presumably deceased

The bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony (Honesty).


During the WarEdit

Applejack was the leader of the Ministry of Wartime Technology. During the Great War, she attempted to distribute funding for technological innovation, while simultaneously providing oversight to ensure that the developments were for the good of the war and Equestria. Due to the excessive outsourcing of the research and production, her ministry was primarily comprised of private companies who disliked her oversight but welcomed the money.

Near the end of the war, Applejack began courting Applesnack (SteelHooves). They were never married, nor even engaged. Applesnack had intended to propose but he lost Applejack's trust after he murdered her friend, Zecora, as he was unaware that the zebra was working as a double agent for Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.

After the WarEdit

During the Last Day, Applejack was able to make it into Stable 2, with Sweetie Belle chosen to be the first Overmare. Sweetie Belle was under strict orders to keep the Stable sealed until the soil and environmental sensors reported outside conditions safe enough for exploration or re-habitation and followed her instructions strictly. Applejack repeatedly tried to get Sweetie Belle to open the door in a desperate attempt to try to bring SteelHooves (Applesnack) inside, since she was pregnant with their child. Sweetie Belle refused, and Applejack gave birth to Applesnack's child in Stable 2.

She worked ten years in the artificial orchard bucking apple trees and another ten years as a cook following a hip injury. Eventually, Applejack died of old age. Unique to Applejack's death was that she was buried in the orchard as opposed to being incinerated like the rest of the inhabitants of Stable 2.

Side stories Edit


  • Littlepip finds a statuette of Applejack bearing the inscription "Be strong."
  • In Project Horizons, Blackjack finds a similar statuette at the beginning of her adventure.

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