Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers - Buckston Contingent
Family Brawn - Older Brother
Status Alive

Apache is an earth pony stallion and Steel Ranger. He is a member of Elder Clam Chowder's group of Steel Rangers and was first encountered in a slaver camp outside Buckston.



Apache (alongside his older brother, Brawn) was brought up amongst the Steel Rangers. When a schism formed in the order and Clam Chowder left with his loyalist Rangers, Apache wanted to accompany them, but was unwilling to fight his older brother. This changed after the death of Rocksteady and several other Rangers, Apache made the decision to return to Clam Chowder's ranks and fled in the night.

He was captured by slavers and made to fight in a gladiatorial battle for his freedom. He lost the fight, much to his disappointment.

Present DayEdit

Apache was Mach's last opponent in the gladiator ring, Apache was unwilling to fight Mach due to being a much larger and stronger opponent than Greaser whom Mach had temporarily swapped minds with. Apache fought Mach and asked him to concede defeat numerous times, before finally ending the fight and leaving as the victor.

Apache returned to Clam Chowder's Rangers and was accepted back into their ranks. He met Mach and Greaser in the hallways of the Steel Ranger base and apologized for beating Mach so badly, explaining his motivations and why he had to rejoin Clam Chowder, given the knowledge he possessed on the defectors was of utmost importance. Mach forgives Apache for the fight and the two part ways.

Apache later donates some of his blood to save Mach's life, after he returns from the bombardment of War Machine's base of operations.



Apache is a very large and muscular earth pony stallion.


Apache is a very calm and somber stallion who dislikes using violence when it is not necessary. He repeatedly offered Mach the chance to surrender on numerous occasions during their bout in the slaver arena. He happily donated blood to save Mach's life, stating it was an honour to save a fellow warrior's life.

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