Red Dawn, you have a family too. Morning Dawn. Me. Dew Drops. Star, Twirl, and Box. If I don’t go, there won’t be any family left alive to think about.
Amber Fields
Title Engineer
Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Stable 91
Family Unknown
Status Dead

Amber Fields, also known as 'Amber' by her friends, and introduced in Chapter 1, was an engineer at Stable 91. Amber Fields is one of Red Dawn's best friends. She is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.


Amber Fields is a very family oriented mare; she is willing to put her life on the line to keep them, and her stable safe. This is seen in Chapter 1 when she volunteers with her friends to join them in their expedition to Poneva. Even as Red Dawn reminds her that she has a family to come back to, she stayed her course, believing that if she did not help her friends find a water talisman, she would not have a family to come back to.

She also considers her best friends, Red Dawn, Dew Drops, Box Cutter, Star Glint, and Lightning Twirl, to be part of her family and wishes to keep them, her family, and her stable safe,


Amber Fields attended school with her friends, and, much like Red Dawn, she too became an engineer after taking her CAT. Nearly a decade later, she married, and mothered a boy with her unnamed husband. The two have been married prior to Rising Dawn, and her son is a young colt, presently. Over the years, Amber Fields has fostered a very close relationship with her childhood friends, which still persists to this day.

Following their expedition outside the Stable's doors, she and the others explored the harsh, freezing landscape of the Northern Wasteland. Amber Fields was taken away from her friends by a powerful blizzard, and was presumed to be lost in the storm. She appears later, strapped with bombs, apparently having been captured, mutilated, and abused by Snow Furies. She is the second to perish after the Snow Furies detonate her bags, to everypony's horror.


Amber Fields, like the average engineer at Stable 91, is proficcient at the usage and repair of machines, and to some extent, arcane devices. She also knows how to operate firearms, but does not appear to be especially good at it without her pipbuck's aim assist, as apparent in Chapter 1.

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