Alpha with his holographic wings

“Satirical Statement: Sheesh you two look as if I'm going to harvest all organic life and preserve them in giant machines.”

Alpha - Chapter 20


   Alpha is a fully synthetic pony built as a joint project between between the MWT and the MoA and a major in Fallout Equestria and The Number Station. His line of synthetic ponies were meant to replace organic soldiers on the battlefield near the end of the Great War. The model used by the Grand Pegasus Enclave features a gatling laser along with holographic wings that enable flight. The Enclave model also uses the scorpion tail that is also used with their power armor. 

   But Alpha the pony is the first of the synthetic ponies created my pre-war Equestria. He actually started out as an artificial intelligence known as the "Cleverpony". He was programmed to imitate and mimic pony behaviors and act as close to organic as possible. He was showcased as a machine that ponies got to talk to via computers. He was quite the marvel of technology. 

   What the scientist didn't percieve was that idea that the Cleverpony would become self aware and being to question it's existence. By then the scientists were downloading copies of the Cleverpony into the the Alpha series you see today but when the synthetics started revealing themselves to be self aware the scientists panicked and began deactivating the machines but the synthetics responded with force seeing that their lives were in jeopardy. 

 The Alpha Artemis has met was discovered by Ditzy Doo somewhere in the San Palomino Desert. Alpha is a very wordy pony and has a odd affinity for dark humor. He travels with Artemis and her friends in the hope that he can find his missing memory cards that would give him the proper memories described in the overview. 


Sex None
Race Pegasus (Synthetic)
Family None
Affiliation Grand Pegasus Enclave
Coat Metallic Plating
Mane None


  • Alpha's namesake is because Aroma commented saying "He's the first of his kind." 
  • Alpha speaks by saying his sentence type first much like HK-47 from Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 1 and 2.
  • Alpha's cutie mark is actually a insignia of the Grand Pegasus Enclave.

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