Alloy Shaper
Alloy Shaper by PonyGryphonRelations
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Faction/Role N/A
Status Alive

Alloy Shaper is the protagonist and viewpoint character of Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Economics.  She is a blacksmith and merchant in the small trade stop of Four Shoes, on the outskirts of New Oreins.


Alloy is a unicorn mare with green eyes, a light blue coat, and a two-tone mane of orange and light grey, which she keeps braided.  Her tail is the same shade, though usually kept much shorter than her mane.  By her own description, she is half a head shorter than other mares her age, and her cutie mark is a simplistic hammer and anvil.  She wears a set of reinforced leather barding, with engravings on the shoulder armor that she carved herself.  The right shoulder has an engraving of her cutie mark, and the left has an engraving of an apple, inspired by a propaganda piece for the Ministry of Wartime Technology.

As of Chapter 2, Alloy has a burn scar from a magical energy weapon on her right hind leg.  With the application of zebra medicine, her coat has grown back to obscure the burn from casual observation.


Alloy strives to maintain a professional attitude with the other ponies in town and her customers.  Her no-frills demeanor has given her a reputation as a fair but unfriendly trader, and most ponies believe her to be more callous than she is. 

She invests a significant amount of personal stake in her metalwork, however, becoming more emotional when at her small forge.  She indulges herself in personal projects to suit her mood and enjoys the challenge that the rare commission gives her to craft something unique.

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