After successful testing of the M.T.S (Magical transformation serum), the first artificial alicorns were born with the help of volunteers. These would be labeled the 1st generation Alicorns (or FGAs for short). These alicorns would be extremely tough in battle making them hard to kill, breaking the stalemate of the war in Andalusan favor. The demand for alicorns increased in order to ensure victory but the current serum was too slow of a process as it took a 5 weeks for a pony to become a full alicorn, such as Nighttime-Eternal.

A much faster but unstable version of the M.T.S labeled M.T.S2 would see a 2nd generation alicorn in just 1 week, however it was not without side effects.Volunteers would suffer permanent infertility and in rare cases depression. A more physical side effect would be a long drooped mane and tail.

Note: Natural alicorns have immense magical powers and as such in order to become one, a ponies natural life-force must be changed to match the immense power of an alicorn. As a consequence you lose your cutie-mark, however your talent remains.