Airships are a pre-war method of aerial transportation.


Airships were notably seen prior to the war, owned by the Canterlot Elite. They are comprised of two sections, the cabin/gondola etc where the vehicle is steered and driven via rudders and propellers, and the baloon section where the lighter than air gas is used to lift the airship off the ground. The cabin section is where passengers are located, along with the engines etc. 


Project HorizonsEdit

The Society own an airship, though it has not been used for years. King Awesome agreed to lend it to Blackjack and asked her to return it, when she was finished with it.

Named Airships: The Fleur

Pink EyesEdit

A war-era airship was located in Salt Cube City. It was supposed to launch on The Last Day, but delays prevented that from happening. The airship survived for the next 200 years, before it was used by a group of ghoul scientists to carry the highly voliatile Salt Cube, out of the city, before it detonated.

Named Airships: Friendship One

Rangers of WintertrotEdit

A stripped down and repurposed airship was used by the newly formed Wintertrot Contingent of Steel Rangers to ferry them to Wintertrot. The airship was shot down before reaching the city, causing it to crash and kill everyone except Inkwell.

New AgeEdit

Airships in the nation of Prancem are still used. However they're far mor advanced than the pre-war era airships. These are driven by jet engines instead of propellers. Giving them more of an edge in flight speed. The gondola portion of the airship is expanded to include rooms for up to four ponies each, gun turrets, a small medical bay, and stocked armory. The only one featured in the story is is taken out of the sky by a unknown enemy. Killing over half of the scouting party and over half of the crew. Minus the medical staff on board.

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