Adagio for Strings is an orchestral movement featured in Samuel Barber's String Quartet, Op. 11. The original arrangement was completed in 1936, and first performed in 1938. In the original arrangement, the piece starts with violins, immediately adding in other stringed instruments for a flowing, mournful progression of poignant musical expression.

Adagio for Strings has been arranged by other composers, such as an organ-only arrangement by William Strickland, several techno/trance remixes, and a vocals only arrangement of Agnus Dei by Barber himself. It has been used in the soundtrack for the 1980 movie Platoon, the 1999 computer game Homeworld, as well as many other movies and TV shows. It has also been used for state funerals. For a time, it was the highest selling classical piece on the online music store iTunes.

In Fallout: Equestria- Project HorizonsEdit

At the funeral for Roses, Blackjack sight-reads this piece from sheet music belonging to Priest. She opens by playing Octavia's Contrabass, and is joined and accompanied by unicorn music from Priest and the Crusaders attending the funeral.

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